26 Sep 2016

Melanie !!!!!

Its all in her Name


M    E     L    A     N     I     E


M    Is  for  An enquiring    MIND  With  A  METICULOUS eye for detail  

E     For the   EXUBERANCE and ENTHUSIASM she brings to the process

L     For her    LIKEABLE   personality and LOCAL  knowledge

A    She is     ALWAYS AVAILABLE   and    ACTUALLY  Cares

N    NOTHING   is ever a problem and  NO  Fuss attitude

I      For  INCREDIBLE Service and INFECTIOUS Personality



What a wonderful journey she took me through from day one with the naming of our property in Ballina  and the Personal service from a lateral thinker...  A refreshing change in the world of Real Estate!!!!

Keep up the good work and I wish you and your office every success. With the level of service and the way you think I can only see your business going from strength to strength.

T. Ballard