Move your property to Rental Central

Whether you are managing your property yourself or having it managed by another agency, employing Rental Central is easy.

It is a common mis-understanding that you cannot change agency or employ an agency while the property is already being rented. But you can! If you’re tired of not receiving the service, you deserve (and pay for) or think it is time for a change? You can do something about it, it’s simple and you don’t have to wait for the lease to expire!

Saving you Money!

Our competitive low fee of 6.6% is a great reason to make the switch!

Making the Switch is EASY!

We take care of absolutely everything; from delivery of notice to your current agent to picking up keys, paperwork and advising your tenants of the positive change. We do the lot without delay, so you can rest easy knowing that the transition process will be managed smoothly.

Contact Rental Central

  Contact rental central on 02 66281100
  and we will arrange to meet with you or send you a release form.


Leave everything else to us.